A downloadable game for Windows

First off. This game was made in a very, very short amount of time. I know that in the Fishing Jam 2 Game Jam, you had as much time as you wanted, but I wanted to make a game in the shortest amount of time that I could.

CONTROLS: The only thing you need to use is your mouse. Just use the scroll wheel to move the string up and down.

RULES: Your only objective is to catch as many fish as you can. This game may seem easy by the look of it, but it can be very difficult. DON'T LET ANY FISH PASS YOUR HOOK!

HELP: The best way to catch the fish is to do LONG scrolls instead of short ones. It IS possible to catch every fish that comes your way, but it is difficult.

Made for the Fishing Jam 2 Game Jam


A Good Day for Fishing.exe 4 MB