A downloadable game for Windows

Quick Instructions -

You can destroy a crate by shooting it 3 times with your gun. But, there are also mimics and explosive crates in disguise. To beat the game, don't get touched by a mimic, don't touch the bullet from an explosive crate, and most importantly, destroy ALL of the bullet crates.

Controls -

W A S D - move around

Mouse - Look around

Left click - Shoot

Idea -

You are stranded in a room... You must find a way out! But wait, you only have one resource... BULLETS!!! AND, there are multiple crates around you. You have 12 bullets in your gun, and you can shoot the crates to gain more bullets! BUT, you better be careful, as there are mimics. They disguise themselves as crates, until you shoot them. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! There are also explosive crates! Once broken, these explosive crates shoot bullets in multiple directions! To win the game, you must destroy all of the crates that contain ammo for your weapon. This game was made in two days for the One resource jam 2017.

Tags2D, Bullet Hell, luck


SuperBulletCrates.zip 2 MB